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Why Do We Exist?

There is certainly no shortage of companies offering loans to both businesses and consumers, however most lenders offer one size fits all products which are not tailored to suit a particular person or transaction.

Banks are generally focused on the prime or risk free end of the market, ie those customers that are very safe and secure. Even within the prime market, the banks are heavily focused on security which time consuming and administrative. This tunnelled approach often means that people and businesses that need loans the most aren't able to get them.

This has resulted in an explosion of various agile fintech companies that utilise technology to quickly access the risk of the customer and offer loans accordingly. In most cases these are “one size fits all” loans that are used to fund multiple different purposes, medical expenses, holidays, rent, etc and are often very expensive.

We looked at the problem a different way

Our Unique Approach:
We respect our customers and their needs

We design the product around the borrower being able to borrow money for a specific type of transaction.

Everything we do we do to reduce the financial stress of the borrower undertaking the specific transaction. We consider the typical person transacting, the transaction, security options, simple documentation and processes and how to provide the best terms for the borrow so that it is more flexible and more affordable than any other loan product in the market.

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