Glove Finance is a trusted provider of loans to people and small businesses for specific transactions.

Our Simple and Easy Process

We've simplified the loan process so it’s easy and stress free. Apply online in minutes with no paperwork, get quick approval and payment within hours.

Online Application
(takes minutes)

Fast Approval
(within 4 hours)

Funds Paid
(next business day)

Glove Finance approach to lending

Customer focus

All our products are designed with the customer in mind so that we can provide them with the best terms possible.

Simplicity is key

Keeping the transaction simple is a key element of our success. We don’t like reams of legal jargon and do our best to ensure all documentation is brief and understandable.


We generally distribute our products through partners such as real estate agents, health professionals, retailers and corporates so our products are readily available when you need them.


We deliver on our promises and do what we say we will do. We use the best technology and resources to do so. Loans are generally approved and paid with 4-12 hours.

Customer Support

Caring for customers and partners is embodied into our DNA. Our friendly and helpful customer support team will do whatever they can to make sure all our customers and partners needs are met.

Our Disciplines

Our team work together and instil strong business disciplines. We work hard, We listen, We respect, We care, We are available, We are honest, We are ethical, We strive to help.

We provide secured or unsecured loans depending on the particular transaction.

Personal or Business loans

From 3 to 24 months

From $1,500 to $100,000

Massive Distribution network